Ready, set, hack!

HackSC is the premier hackathon hosted at the University of Southern California. We aim to empower hackers to learn and explore new technologies through hands-on development and experience. HackSC focuses on putting the quality of the individual hacks above the quantity of submissions. With this event, we aim to build a community of makers in the southern California region.

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HackSC welcomes all participants, but we primarily focus on undergraduate and graduate university students. High school hackers are permitted to attend given parent or gaurdian permission and a signed waiver. 


You can build anything you want in 36 hours. All code must be written after 10PM on November 7th, 2014, but feel free to use open source libraries and APIs. The best hacks are able to demo a working version of their product that effectively communicates the idea.


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Nathan Doctor

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Matt Doka
FiveStars, CTO

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Patrick Lucas
FiveStars, Mobile

Ashish Soni

Ashish Soni

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Ronen Olshansky
CrossCampus, CEO

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Tomas Becklin
Stack Commerce

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Andrew Maximov
Naughty Dog

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Vikas Vanjani
Music Bleeper

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Jody Mulkey

Judging Criteria

  • Overall